Competitive Advantages

Household Brands

Shang Yao
Rx brand
(“Shanghai Medicine”)
OTC brand
(a famous scenic
area in Guangzhou)

Focus on the largest disease categories


Most common diseases diagnosed/treated in rural hospitals:[1]

Cold/flu 86%
Cardiovascular diseases 78%
Diabetes 46%
Gastrointestinal diseases 45%


Major commercial & production scale

~4.5 billion doses produced annually

~2,200 Prescription & ~1,200 OTC sales people

~300 cities[2] in China

~18,700 hospitals

~87,000 doctors detailed

Leadership market shares

Market leader in the sub-categories in which we compete:[3]

She Xiang Bao Xin Pill:[4]
Rx Cardiovascular TCM
Banlangen Granules:
OTC Anti-viral TCM
Fu Fang Dan Shen tablets:
OTC Angina TCM


JVs with 3 leading China pharma companies


Shanghai Pharma
Guangzhou Pharmaceuticals

Extensive domestic coverage


Our products have extensive representation:

  • Medicines Catalogue for the National Basic Medical Insurance
  • Labour Injury Insurance and Childbirth Insurance Systems
  • National Essential Medicines List, which mandates distribution of drugs in China

[1]Frost & Sullivan; [2] 300 cities & towns covered by Prescription Drug Business; [3] Frost & Sullivan 2015 market share data; [4] Shanghai coronary heart disease oral Chinese patented drugs market share.