Commercial Platform

We have developed a profitable Commercial Platform, with the key element being our Prescription Drugs business which has a commercial network of approximately 2,400 medical sales representatives covering about 22,900 hospitals in over 300 cities and towns in China.

We operate our Prescription Drugs business through our joint ventures Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals and Hutchison Sinopharm, in which we nominate management and run the day-to-day operations. The other element of our Commercial Platform is our Consumer Health business which focuses primarily on the manufacture, marketing and distribution of over-the-counter pharmaceutical products in China.

We intend to leverage this Commercial Platform, particularly our established Prescription Drugs business, to support the launch of products from our Innovation Platform if they are approved for use in China. Outside of China, we intend to commercialize our products, if approved, in the United States, Europe and other major markets on our own and/or through partnerships with leading biopharmaceutical companies.

A profitable & high growth platform to launch our new drug innovations.

For more information on recent developments, please refer to the Full Year Results Presentation and the 2017 Annual Report.