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Shexiang Baoxin Pill

Shexiang Baoxin Pill (SXBXP) is for the long term treatment of coronary artery and heart disease, and for rapid control and prevention of acute angina. Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals is currently the only approved manufacturer for this drug in China.
Product rights acquired at year end 2014



Concor® (bisoprolol fumarate) is a major beta-blocker brand for numerous prescription cardiovascular indications, marketed by Merck Serono. Hutchison Sinopharm exclusively co-promotes Concor® in several provinces.
2018 Sales US$m



Banlangen granules are sold by Hutchison Baiyunshan for the treatment of colds, viral flu, fever, and respiratory tract infections.
2018 Sales US$m


Fu Fang Dan Shen Tablets

Hutchison Baiyunshan sells Fu Fang Dan Shen tablets for chest congestion and angina pectoris, to promote blood circulation and relieve pain.